Hello, I'm Mick Matsumoto.

I'm an engineer at Inertia Prototypes.
I build world class prototypes, quickly.

(but there’s a little more to it than that)

Great Service Makes Great Prototypes

We care a lot about the quality of the prototypes we build, but we care just as much about the quality of your experience working with us. HOW we work with you to build your prototype is the reason WHY we believe you should work with Inertia Prototypes.

First, we listen, learn and prepare.

Building your prototype begins with a thorough review of both your goals for your prototype and your initial concepts or designs. What is the purpose of your prototype? Who will use it? How will it be used? How many will you need?

I'll combine what I learn from our collaboration, with my experience, to finalize the design for your prototype.

Then we build smart.

To build an exceptional quality prototype for you, I’ll select the materials and methods that will most closely represent your final manufactured product. I’ll carefully consider the purpose of your prototype and balance this with how many prototypes you’ll need, your budget and related costs.

I know the entire product development process inside and out, so I’ll create your prototype with the long term view in mind.

Finally, we capture, deliver and learn more.

Capturing what we've learned while creating your prototype and feeding it straight back into your design will reduce your time to market and your development costs.

My knowledge capabilities are matched only by my commitment to you, our customer. My customers are my collaborators. Communicating quickly, clearly and often is HOW we work with you to build your prototype.  It’s also the reason WHY we believe you should choose to work with Inertia Prototypes.

Mick Matsumoto,

Inertia Prototypes